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General Information
and Dress Code

Absences:  Only excused absences may be made up.

Tardiness:  It is important to be punctual, as students will not be permitted to take class if they have not done any warm-ups.  An injury could result from not properly warming the muscles.

Parent Drop Off/Pick Up:  Please have your child to the studio at least 10 minutes prior to class start time to ensure enough time to prepare properly (i.e. changing).  All students MUST be picked up no more than 15 minutes after class as there is no one available to supervise children.  This is a safety issue and MUST be followed.  Any child being picked up by other than parent, a note must be provided PRIOR to class.  No child will be sent home without a parent or a pre-designated guardian.  No Exceptions!

Food & Beverage: There is no gum chewing or eating in the classroom.  Please check with class instructor if a snack or light meal is needed because of extended practices.  Water bottles are permitted in the classroom.


Ballet Students: (Girls) Pink ballet slippers, solid colored leotard(check with director for class color and style) and white or pink tights.  Only short, sheer dance skirts may be worn.  Tee shirts, sweatshirts and leg warmers may be worn only to warm-up.  It is necessary for instructors to see the line of the body for proper alignment.
(Boys) Heavyweight tights, dance belt, white tee shirt.  White or black ballet shoes.
       For character dance girls need a cotton full circle skirt and character shoes (black with  a one and a half inch heel.  Boys wear black dance pants and character shoe for men.

Jazz: Leotard (and tights) or unitard.  Bike shorts or short shorts may be worn over, or black jazz pants.  Black jazz shoes or black ballet slippers.  (Boys) Bike shorts or black jazz pants .  Black jazz shoes.

Tap: Same as jazz. Black tap Mary Janes or black tap ties for the younger student.  Teens can wear black oxford style shoes, but may also need a shoe with a heel (tan) for musical theater tap.

Keep dance clothing clean, hair neatly drawn back from the face, no jewelry and all shoes (left and right) labeled with the child's name.

Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month.  Any payment that is overdue by more than 5 days is subject to a $5.00 per day late fee.

Withdrawal from class:  A minimum of 30 days notice must be received in writing.  Tuition is still in effect until the end of the 30 days.  No refunds, partial or otherwise will be given.  This is also subject to the above outlined late fees.

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